AI in medical use – kipoly publishes healthcare podcast „CarePoint

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Kipoly, the subsidiary of edicos, is dedicated to making healthcare more accessible and affordable for everyone around the world by supporting both healthcare providers and patients with innovative digital solutions. In the new podcast “CarePoint,” Tabea Henning, Public Relations Manager at Kipoly, interviews various specialists and doctors and talks to them about advanced technologies, new procedures and scientific achievements in healthcare. The focus here is on artificial intelligence and its application in medicine.

Her first guest is Prof. Dr. Olli Tenovuo, Professor of Clinical Neuroscience at the University of Turku in Finland. Since the early 1990s, he has been researching traumatic brain injury (TBI, engl. Traumatic Brain Injury) – “one of the most complex conditions in the human body,” in his own words. Tenovuo stresses how important the application of AI would be in diagnosing TBI. The World Health Organization (WHO) has estimated that TBI will rise to No. 3 among “Global Public Health Problems” by 2030, Tenovuo reports.

What the interview is all about:

The Finnish professor explains the complexity of traumatic brain injuries and the resulting very complicated treatment. So far, no generally applicable medication has been found for the treatment. In this context, he explains specifically what possibilities artificial intelligence offers for the treatment of traumatic brain injury patients, but also what obstacles still exist for the use of the technology. Finally, Henning and Tenovuo discuss how the benefits of artificial intelligence can be applied in medicine, especially in developing countries.

Prof. Dr. Olli Tenovuo – University of Turku

Stream “Care Point” exclusively on Spotify

You can stream “CarePoint” in the English original exclusively on Spotify. The first episode “AI in Neurology with Prof. Dr. Olli Tenovuo” takes 50 minutes; enough time to do justice to the extensive topic of TBI and AI. An interesting and memorable listening experience for anyone interested in the latest technology in medicine.
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