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Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) are software solutions that use a variety of tools and technologies to help create, optimize, manage and deliver enhanced digital experiences for your customers, employees and partners. This includes such applications as customer / employee and supplier portals as well as complex corporate websites.
This provides you with a foundation on which the capabilities of different applications are combined to create end-to-end digital experiences. DXP help to master the digital transformation, i.e. to digitize your business processes, so that you can accelerate your processes and achieve your business goals more efficiently.

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UX/UI Design

UX/UI Design

Working with user flows, wireframes and prototypes, we develop the perfect design for your website, customer, employee or supplier portal. Based on an extensive analysis of your target group and their user expectations and behavior, we focus on the visual design of interactive applications by means of UI design. We also incorporate the latest findings in positive psychology and cognitive neuroscience.

You want to offer your customers a positive experience? We put these requirements at the center of your next web presence:

  • UI design concept according to your brand, specifications and target audience.
  • Detailed design of the individual screens – both functionally and visually
  • State-of-the art standards, regardless of device
  • Responsive design – whether mobile, tablet or desktop, the content is optimally displayed on all screen sizes
  • Accessibility – development of barrier-free online applications.


Modern brand management on the web is now much more than just designing a corporate website. A website is increasingly establishing itself as a living center of interaction with the various user groups on the web. Information about products, brands and services is still justified, but it is personalized – and thus geared to the target group, the individual users.

The most important thing depends on the correct implementation of the chosen CMS: the acceptance of the content editors. Because the content is dependent on the acceptance of the content editors. Multilingualism, multiple use of content, regional content and an effective search function are just a few examples of crucial functionalities that can be well or less well represented in the CMS.

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By introducing or expanding a learning management system (LMS), employees, partners or customers can be trained flexibly and precisely. Necessary qualification measures can thereby be designed in a cost-effective and motivating manner in their own company or in customer organizations. edicos supports you in designing, implementing and introducing exciting interactive learning platforms with innovative online concepts in your company. A unique source of knowledge can be created for the participants through a wide variety of eLearning methods, through which know-how is prepared, maintained, sustainably expanded and made accessible to all participants.

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Employee portals

Skilled labor shortages and increasing cost pressures demand a steady improvement in the degree of automation of business processes combined with excellent usability of applications. Ideally, these applications are integrated into a portal so that each employee can see all of his or her important tasks and applications in a dashboard as soon as they call up the system. As the hub for daily work, the employee portal bundles all required applications (microservices), workflows and information under a uniform graphical user interface.

CMS Selection

edicos supports your company not only in the conception and implementation of the corporate website, but already an important prior step: in the selection of the right system. Because the underlying content management system makes a decisive difference in the implementation as well as in the later use by the content editors.

Our team of experts will find an answer to the first question: Does my company already have the right system in place? Should we look for a new, modern, suitable system for the upcoming relaunch and the increased requirements? Over the course of time and with the experience gained from numerous CMS selection projects, we have created a detailed consultation form – with an interactive checklist to fill out.

CMS Selection

Maintenance & Support

Ongoing support is clearly part of our customer service. We’re here for you – whether you’re launching a new product over the weekend, or need to release an important stock market-related announcement at a precisely defined time. With us as “security” behind you, you can feel more comfortable.

We offer adjustments to your IT infrastructure, functional enhancements to your web presence that have been planned longer in advance, and – if you need to move quickly and lack the resources – content editing as well.

We distinguish between three levels of our support and maintenance:

  • First Level Support
  • Second Level Support
  • Third Level Support
edicos Support

Our mission statement

For us, entrepreneurial progress is a team effort across multiple sites. The basis of our work is the “you” and a cooperative partnership between the management and the employees as well as between the employees themselves. edicos is loyal to its employees, customers and suppliers and expects the same from them.
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