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As an IT service provider with the creative and innovative charm of an agency, edicos offers its 35 employees exciting tasks and challenges in the workplace. We are always looking for new colleagues to enrich our team both professionally and personally. Our four locations in German-speaking markets open up an enormous variety of jobs.

Job & Family - edicos

Job and Family

By offering flexible working hours, edicos makes an important contribution to ensuring that employees can combine their professional and family commitments in the best possible way. Our part-time models are also ideally suited to ensure a flexible arrangement of parental leave if required.

Great Team - edicos

Great Team

A comfortable working atmosphere is created at edicos through respectful interaction with each other. The colleagues are very helpful, we do not know any inharmonious competitive thinking. Doing things with colleagues outside of work shows that many colleagues also develop friendships with each other.

Qualification & Development - edicos

Qualification & Development

Through an individual range of qualification measures tailored to the respective needs, we enable our employees to further develop their professional and personal skills. Thanks to our market-leading technology partners, our employees are all up to date and have been awarded certifications from the top software manufacturers.

Health promotions & job bike - edicos

Health promotions, sports offers & job bike

edicos offers an active running group that meets regularly in the Eilenriede, a cooperation with the Sports&Spa gym and for cyclists edicos also offers job bikes for rent or lease.

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