edicos becomes integration partner of Smart Communications

Autor: edicos / 7. April 2022 / Kategorien: Team, Uncategorized

Smart Communications is the provider of the Conversation Cloud, the only cloud platform for personalized, interactive communications with end customers across the entire customer experience. To deliver exceptional digital experiences, companies need to have a complete picture of each customer’s experience. The goal is to interact with customers consistently across all channels – efficiently, securely, and appealingly.

edicos as integration partner

edicos as an integrator of digital customer experiences on the web can now offer enterprise customers another important element for impressive online experiences with the solutions from Smart Communications. The seamless integration of SmartComm solutions via prefabricated adapters and plug-ins into the portal and web environments of edicos customers makes it possible to map complex business topics comprehensively and end-to-end on the customer communications side as well. For example, insurance companies can use the customer and prospect portal to accelerate the online conclusion of policies and the digitization of claims recording and processing; financial service providers can shorten and simplify the opening of accounts and the granting of loans as well as services for existing customers.

The goal for edicos

To use the Smart Communications technology set and edicos’ portal solutions and corporate websites to open up opportunities for companies to engage more effectively with end customers digitally, to simplify communications and make them compliant-proof – and thereby to achieve a better understanding of customer needs and higher closing rates or sales revenues.

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