Quality Management

The quality policy of edicos is an important part of our identity and clarifies our own claim to the quality of our processes and services. To implement the quality policy, we have established a quality management system based on DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. The quality management system is fulfilled and continuously improved by all employees.

Quality Mission Statement

We offer high-quality and innovative IT services. We stand for promising corporate development. Defined quality goals are what drives us and quality guidelines are our set of rules.


Goals of the quality policy

Our Values

Customer and Market Proximity

Our software products and services are geared to the needs of the market and, above all, of our customers, and help to cover current requirements. We see ourselves as problem solvers for our users and always act in their interests to achieve the greatest possible value for our customers. We work closely with our customers and maintain a relationship based on trust and partnership. After each project, we ask our clients about their satisfaction with our services and possible optimizations.


Process Knowledge

Our customers work with our software every day and always rely on the accuracy of the work results. This makes our products and services the foundation of our users’ business processes. We have the technical know-how and the process knowledge to support them from the requirements analysis, the development of digital solutions, the implementation of the software to the qualification of employees and the operation of the solution.

Highlight number 1 in this project


For us, quality means that all our services, from development to maintenance and support, are geared to the needs and requirements of our customers. The quality of our products and services determines the satisfaction of our customers. In order to meet the requirements of the market and our users, we continuously improve our service spectrum. Our work, is guided by the latest standards and technical framework conditions.



In addition to our customers, we also focus on our employees. Our believe: Quality can only be created through enjoying one’s work. It is important to us that all our employees are proud of our concepts and developments. The concept of qualification serves us in our work as a guideline for an optimal interaction of quality and efficiency. The optimal achievement of the highest quality is secured by an employee-oriented policy with the recruitment of highly qualified specialists, ongoing further training and the sustainable maintenance of our infrastructure.

Innovative software solutions


For us, innovation and already proven solutions are not contradictory. Certified quality assurance processes ensure the quality and established range of our products and services and expand them in line with requirements. For the development of our company we permanently improve our products, services, processes as well as the qualification of employees. Our main goal is to continue to guarantee our customers the highest level of benefit and safety in the decades to come.

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